Power from Breath

Performance-enhancing breathing techniques

Mindfulness is a big “buzzword”, but the reality is that distraction is the rule. We produce over 1000 thoughts a second. Because our mind follows our breath, when we manage our breath we can influence the quality of our mind NOW. Breath is a free, “on tap” resource that has a powerful impact when harnessed properly. The techniques are safe, effective, and are designed to do anywhere.

Looking to empower your team with techniques to enhance their well-being, mastery and performance? Book a lunch & learn workshop to cover:
  • The difference between meditation and breathing techniques.
  • Why breathing techniques are used for enhanced performance by the Navy Seals, US Army, the Chelsea soccer team and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.
  • Proper breathing: most get it backward, which can add to the stress.
  • Why breathing more from one nostril or the other can impact performance and well-being, why you should care and what to do about it.
  • How to harness your breath to enhance calm or wake yourself up.
  • Techniques to enhance focus and concentration.
  • Techniques to enhance personal projection — great when giving speeches or chairing meetings.
  • How to breathe and which position to lie in to support sleep.